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BrandHire was started for 2 reasons. To provide the best possible marketing talent to companies and grow businesses.  The BrandHire team are experience marketers ho have experience growing brands. We provide an array of services, recruiting, freelance hiring, and agency services to ensure we take care of your longterm marketing vision.

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Recruiting - Freelancing - Agency Services

Direct Placement

Freelancers Services

BrandHire does standard recruiting and direct placement services. We specialize in hiring the highest quality marketing talent.


The BrandHire team are also experienced marketers and know how to find great candidates to fill the role.

If the candidate is not your choice there is no cost to rematch. Our goal is to always provide the highest of quality candidates dedicated to growing your business.

BrandHire vets and hires top quality freelancers with skills that grow Brands fast.

BrandHire charges a one time match fee for freelancing services. If the freelancer is not a fit, rematching is totally free


If project are planned for more that 30 days BrandHire has a minimum $150 per month commitment to ensure the projects are completed on time and according to scope

Agency Services

The BrandHire team are also experience marketers and when there are complex projects the BrandHire can manage your project as an agency.

We can manage projects on a longterm or short term basis.

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